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What’s in a name?

Our founder, Ryan Shefferman (or “Sheff”), bestowed the name Gate3 upon this small but mighty empire having been inspired by the passion for greatness of Michael Jordan. Because when Michael Jordan set out to work, he would enter Chicago Stadium at Gate 3 ½.

Throughout Ryan’s life, MJ has always stood out as a symbol for leadership, hard work, and overcoming obstacles. In fact, when Ryan was diagnosed with Lymphoma at 17 , Air Inc. sent him a letter signed by MJ, encouraging Ryan to keep up his positive outlook and determination.

This commitment to the fan relationship cemented Ryan’s admiration for the great athlete, and laid a lot of the groundwork on which Gate3 was built.

Trust, hard work, positivity, and a get shit done mentality aren’t just words we list out on a website to attract people like you. They’re actually the result of an integral leader and team that make 3D spaces happen for people like you.

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